An Innocent Man’s Murder Conviction Was Overturned . . . Because of Hard-Hitting Reporting by “Golf Digest”?

A guy who spent nearly three decades in prison was released this week after his conviction was overturned . . . all thanks to an article in “Golf Digest”.

Back in 1992, Valentino Dixon was sentenced to 39 years-to-life for a murder in New York.  Then about six years ago, “Golf Digest” did a story on him, because he’s an ARTIST who loves drawing pictures of golf courses.

He’s never played golf in his life.  But his jail warden showed him a photo of the 12th hole at Augusta National . . . asked if he could draw it . . . and he became OBSESSED with drawing golf courses after that.

“Golf Digest” writer named Max Adler did an article about it in 2012, and realized the case against Valentino was REALLY flimsy.  There was conflicting testimony, no physical evidence, and another guy had even CONFESSED to the murder.  So most of the article ended up being about Valentino’s case instead of his artwork.

After that, other people started looking into it.  Then a group of law students at Georgetown spent the past semester trying to prove he was innocent.  And they DID it.

The guy who’d confessed was already serving a life sentence for armed robbery.  And once he pleaded guilty on Wednesday, Valentino went free after 27 YEARS in jail.

“Golf Digest”posted a video of him walking out of court.  And the writer of the original article was standing outside waiting for him.

(Golf Digest / CBS News / Georgetown)