Have you ever had a favorite chair that was also your DOG’S favorite place to sit?  If so, you’ll appreciate this . . .

There’s a no-kill animal shelter in Galesburg, Illinois.  (About 150 miles southwest of Chicago.)  And a 10-second video they posted on Monday has racked up over 15 million views on Facebook.

It shows three dogs in their cages.  And each one has its own armchair or recliner to sleep on.

The director says it started when a dog they keep in the lobby started sleeping on a chair when people weren’t using it.  He loved it so much, they decided ALL the dogs deserved a chair.  So they got a few more.

Then after the video when viral, a BUNCH of people started donating old chairs.  They’ve gotten so many in the last week, they’ve even given them to a few cats.

Employees say it’s actually made a noticeable difference, and the dogs seem much more relaxed.

Now the idea is spreading, and at least one other shelter in Idaho is doing the same thing.

(KLJB / NY Post)