ALEC BALDWIN was arrested Friday for allegedly punching a guy near his home in Greenwich Village . . . over a PARKING SPOT.

TMZ says Alec had a guy standing at the spot to hold it for him, but another man swooped in and stole it.  So Alec got out of his car and slugged him.

But TMZ also says there’s surveillance video showing the two men in a shoving match . . . which could make this “mutual combat” rather than an assault.  And mutual combat is apparently not a crime.

Innocent or not, Baldwin was booked on misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment, and given a November 26th court date.

After his arrest, Alec Tweeted, quote, “The assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false.”

Believe it or not, PRESIDENT TRUMP chose NOT to gloat about it.  When NBC News informed him of Alec’s arrest, he said, quote, “I wish him luck.”