Do this any other month of the year and you get fined for reckless endangerment.  But in December, it’s just festive problem-solving . . .

A massive pothole recently opened up in the middle of a street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  And people in the neighborhood reported it to the city.

But they were taking forever to fix it, and the hole was getting bigger every day.  So last week, someone decided to force the city’s hand . . . by putting a CHRISTMAS TREE in it.

A woman named Marietta Spak was digging around for decorations in her attic when she found a small, artificial tree she’d forgotten about.  And she thought it would be funny to put it in the pothole.

She did it to help people avoid the hole when they drove by, and to hopefully get the city to finally do something about it.  And it WORKED.

Once photos of it went viral, the city made it a priority.  It should be fixed sometime this week.  (WNEP)