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A Woman Delivers Her Own Baby, Then Rescues a Guy From a Burning Truck

I guarantee this mom in Indianapolis had a more hectic week than any of us:  35-year-old Holly McNally had to deliver her OWN baby last Monday when her doctor couldn’t get to her hospital room on time.

Then three days later, she helped pull a guy from a fiery WRECK.

She was on her way home from the hospital on Thursday after visiting her son, who still had to be there for observation.  And she saw an overturned tanker truck on fire.

So she stopped . . . jumped out of the car . . . and helped another person pull the driver to safety right before the truck EXPLODED.  It turned out it was hauling jet fuel.

Luckily, they were able to get far enough away from the truck, so they’re okay.  The driver ended up with serious burns, but it sounds like he’ll pull through.

Holly’s mom was in the car with her when it happened, and couldn’t believe she ran toward the fire.  But Holly says she knew the guy was somebody’s son.  And if it was her son, she’d want someone to help.  So that’s what she did.

Last we heard, her baby was still at the hospital.  But she was hoping to bring him home later today.

(People / Fox59)

(Here’s a photo of Holly, a shot of her son Connor, and footage of the fire.)

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