The University of South Carolina has a Wendy’s on campus.  And one of its employees has been going through tough times.

Malcolm Coleman has worked in the food industry for over 15 years.  About a year ago, he and his mom lost their house to an electrical fire.  And even worse, it happened on his birthday.

The house is still standing, but they can’t live there.  Insurance didn’t cover the damages, and they can’t afford to fix it.  So they’ve both been couch-surfing with friends and family for over a year.

Malcolm’s very popular with students though.  He remembers their names, and he’s somehow managed to keep a smile on his face through it all.

So when a student named Robert Caldaroni recently found out about the fire, he wanted to help.

Exactly one month ago today, he and his frat brothers started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the repairs.  And it’s now up over 40 GRAND

They think it’ll cost about $75,000, so they’re still raising money.  If you want to help out, just search for “Mission: Malcolm” on


(Here’s a photo of Malcolm at work.)