This is like the miniature, much-cuter version of someone falling down a well . . .

Someone in southern England was watching their friend’s hamster recently, when it escaped and fell down a pipe.

The pipe was about four inches wide and three feet deep.  But they couldn’t just reach in and grab it, because it housed several smaller pipes that were in the way.

Their first idea was to drop a thin rope down, hoping it would somehow be able to climb it.  Basically, like climbing a rope in gym class.

Obviously, that didn’t work.  So they kept dropping food down the pipe to keep it alive.

And on Day 6, they decided to call in the experts.  Someone from an animal-rescue group came up with a better idea, and used some wire to construct a tiny, three-foot-long ladder.

They dropped the ladder down and left it in there.  The hamster climbed back up and emerged from the pipe a few hours later.

The hamster’s name is Jamie, and he was pretty dehydrated.  But he’s doing fine now.

(UPI / DevonLive)