This isn’t the first one of these we’ve seen this year.  But it’s one of the first big ones with an official number attached . . .

A Secret Santa in Colorado recently walked into a Walmart near Denver and paid off ALL of the Christmas gifts people had on layaway.

It’s not clear how many items they paid for, or how many people it helped.  But they wrote a check for about 45 GRAND to cover it.  And everyone found out on Friday.

A single mom with five kids named Lisa McMillan told the local news it’s been a really hard year, and she was planning to CANCEL her layaway order.  So, she was blown away when she found out someone else paid for it.

There was another story two weeks ago about someone who paid off the layaway items at a Walmart in New York.  Now Walmart has revealed that one also involved about $50,000 worth of stuff.

And someone in Vermont also did the same thing last month, but we still haven’t seen a dollar amount for that one.

(KDVR / 9News)