This dog gets to pee on every carpet for the rest of its life.  Its owners can’t get mad about anything after this . . .

Earlier this month, a mom in Stockton, California named Nana Chai left her eight-month-old pit bull Sasha in the backyard overnight.  Then around midnight, it started barking like crazy and scratching on the door.

It turned out a neighbor’s apartment had caught FIRE while they weren’t home.  And nobody in the apartment complex realized it.  But when Nana got up to check on Sasha, she saw the fire.

So at that point, she ran back to her bedroom to get her 7-month-old BABY.  But Sasha was way ahead of her . . . and was already there trying to drag the kid out by her DIAPER.

Nana took over and carried the kid the rest of the way.  And in the end, everyone in the apartment complex made it out safely, including the dog.

(Sacramento Bee)