This is a pretty sweet summer gig for a teenager.  Beats working at Arby’s anyway . . .

There’s a PGA golfer from Australia named STEVEN BOWDITCH.  And he’s playing in a big tournament in Silvis, Illinois this weekend.  (Silvis is in northwest Illinois, just across the border from Iowa.)

And earlier this week, he went on Twitter to see if any local KIDS wanted to be his caddy.  And a 16-year-old named Elias Francque responded about an hour later.  (His last name is pronounced Frank.)

He said he’s turning 17 this Friday, and it would be an awesome birthday present.  Then Steven tweeted back and said he got the job.

The thing is, this might actually be a smart move for Steven, because Elias knows the course pretty well.  He’s played it over 10 times, and he’s caddied there for amateur tournaments before.

And Steven could use all the help he can get, because he hasn’t been doing well lately.  He won two events back in 2014 and 2015.  But he’s played in five so far this year, and missed the cut in four of them.