A guy in New Brunswick, New Jersey named David Caldwell was freaking out last month when his fiancée went into labor 10 weeks early.  And a nurse named Lissa McGowan helped calm him down.  (It’s pronounced like Lisa.)

The best news is David’s fiancée and their son Zayne are both doing well.  He’s been putting on weight and getting stronger every day.  But they’re in the news because of a weird coincidence.

After Zayne was born, David started looking at old photos of himself as a baby, because he was also a preemie.  And it turned out Lissa was the same nurse who took care of HIM as an infant.

Both of them were born at Saint Peter’s University Hospital.  And she’s been working there as a nurse for over three decades.

David found a photo from 1986 of her holding him as a newborn, and his fiancée realized it was the same nurse.  So they recreated the photo with their son last week.

Lissa says she bonded with David immediately when they met last month.  And finding out she cared for him as a baby was a, quote, “very nice surprise.”

(NY Post)