Most kids are worshiping all that candy they got yesterday.  Counting it, coveting it . . . maybe even hiding it to make sure their parents can’t put a sizable dent in their stash.  So this story is refreshing . . .

There’s a nine-year-old girl in Vail, Colorado named Libbie Stanton who HATES candy.  But it’s still a huge time of year for her.

For the past three years, she’s been getting people to donate their leftover Halloween candy, so she can send it to the troops.

It’s part of a program called Treats for Troops run by the charity Soldiers’ Angels.  Every year, they send thousands of pounds of candy to troops and veterans.  And Libbie is a big part of it.

She got involved in 2016 and collected about 80 pounds of candy.  Then last year, she got SIX HUNDRED pounds.  And her goal this year is at least 1,000 pounds of candy.

No word yet on how much she’s collected.  But she’s pretty confident she’ll hit her goal.

If YOU have too much leftover candy, the charity’s website lets you search by zip code and find the closest drop-off point.  Just go to

(CBS Denver)