A woman in Wisconsin named April Neubauer gave birth last month and had multiple seizures during an emergency C-section. The good news is she’s fine now, and so is the baby.

But right after the baby was born, it needed skin-to-skin contact. And April was in no condition. So a much more unlikely candidate stepped up.

The dad’s name is Maxamillian Neubauer. And one of the nurses came up with a way for him to BREASTFEED.

She had him take his shirt off . . . attached a small tube with formula to a suction cup . . . put it over his left nipple . . . and HE handled the first breastfeeding.

The nurse says she’s offered to do it for other dads before, and they usually look at her like she’s nuts. But Max loved the idea and rolled with it.

He posted some photos of the feeding, and they’re all over Facebook now. The best part is he happens to have a huge “Mom” tattoo right over his heart.