This kind of story really makes you appreciate the little things, and how lucky you are.  There’s a 36-year-old guy from central Alabama named David Thomas who was born with cerebral palsy.  So he has to use a wheelchair.

And until this month, he’d only left his hometown ONCE.  The last time he went anywhere was a field trip 21 years ago, when he was 15.

But the thing on the top of his bucket list has always been to see the ocean someday.  So this week, his friends from church took him on vacation to Panama City, Florida.  And they rented a special wheelchair he could use on the beach.

That meant he could go all the way down to the water.  And they even poured sand over his feet, so he got to feel it between his toes.

He got pretty emotional while he talked to a reporter about how thankful he was.  And he said he was making sure he really took it all in, just in case he never gets to do it again.

But now that he’s crossed it off his bucket list, he says his next goal is to make it to Disney World someday.


(Here’s the interview he did.)

(And here’s a video his friends posted on Facebook.)