Anyone who ever had a secret crush in school can relate to this.  Which is pretty much ALL of us, right?

An older guy in England named Eric Bogliani had a HUGE crush on his sister’s friend Elaine way back in elementary school.  But he never said anything.

He was only 7 when they first met in the 1950s, and she was 9.  And his mom thought that was too big of an age difference.  So she sat him down and said he wasn’t ALLOWED to have a crush on her.

They’re both in their 60s now.  So a two-year difference is nothing.

Well they reconnected on Facebook a few years ago.  And they hit it off . . . started dating . . . and recently got MARRIED.

The school they both went to is now a community center that’s also a licensed wedding venue.  So that’s where they tied the knot . . . the same place they first met almost 60 years ago.