A Man Accidentally Steals a Car, Then Brings It Back with a Full Tank of Gas

I almost want this to happen to me.  One less errand to run . . .

A woman in Nova Scotia called 911 on Sunday after she walked out of a store, and her car was gone.

But the weird part was another car that looked just like hers was right NEXT to where she parked it.  So what happened?

It turned out she’d parked next to a guy who owns the exact same car.  Same color and everything.  And somehow his key fob worked with her car too.

The guy eventually realized it wasn’t his car.  So he brought it back, but not before filling it up with a full tank of gas.

Police say the whole thing was just a misunderstanding, so he’s not facing any charges.  And the woman ended up reimbursing him for the gas.


(Because of how polite they both were about it, people are calling it the “most Canadian” car theft ever.)