A Jimmy John’s Employee Rushed a Guy to the E.R., and It All Started with a Misdialed Call

Zach Hillmer is a delivery driver for a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Columbus, Nebraska.  His manager’s name is Jason Voss.  And they both deserve Employee of the YEAR for this . . .

A 48-year-old Army vet named Greg Holeman had surgery on his spine last weekend.  And after he got home from the hospital, the incision started bleeding, and he lost all feeling in his left leg.

He was all alone . . . couldn’t afford a cab . . . and didn’t think his V.A. insurance would cover the ambulance ride.  So he called his sister in Florida instead of 911.

She ended up trying to call his social worker to get him some help.  But she dialed the wrong number and accidentally called a Jimmy John’s instead.

The manager Jason got on the phone and realized she had the wrong number.  But she just launched into the story.  So he listened and told her he’d try to help.

He couldn’t leave the store.  So he called Zach, who also happens to be a veteran.  Then Zach called the sister back, who STILL hadn’t realized she’d called Jimmy John’s.

At that point, he explained who he was, and she was pretty confused.  But he got Greg’s address . . . picked him up . . . got him to the hospital . . . and now Greg’s back home recovering, and doing a lot better.

(Omaha World-Herald / CNN)