A truck driver near Toronto had to swerve to avoid a wreck on Monday, and may have gotten some help from ABOVE.

It’s not clear if his brakes malfunctioned or what.  But he was blowing through a red light, and had to swerve onto the sidewalk to avoid the intersection.

He didn’t stop though, and was still barreling toward a bunch of cars and pedestrians.  But luckily, the truck went right past a church . . . and stopped when it slammed into a JESUS statue.

The statue is a sculpture called “Homeless Jesus” by an artist named Timothy Schmalz.  It depicts Jesus lying on a park bench with a blanket over him.  And another version of it was blessed by the POPE back in 2013.

The one in Toronto was also in the news two years ago after several people thought it was a REAL homeless person sleeping out in the cold, and called 911.

(CTV News)