An anonymous rich guy goes around the country each year, handing out $100 bills to people around the holidays.  And this year, he added a twist.

He recently met a homeless guy in Phoenix named Moses Elder, who looks like he’s in his 50s or early 60s.  And he asked HIM to hand out some of the money.

He gave him a few hundred bucks to keep for himself, plus THREE GRAND to hand out to whoever he wanted.

He gave most of it out to random people who stopped to talk to him on the street.  A few of them got pretty emotional, because they really needed the money for the holidays.

He also gave $400 to a guy he knew from church.  Plus $500 to a woman he knows who’s homeless and has five kids.  And she got VERY emotional about it.

The Secret Santa says he was hoping Moses might enjoy the chance to GIVE people money for a change.  And he was right.

Moses talked about it with a reporter afterward and said he’s “eternally grateful,” and that it feels like a “new beginning” for him.

He said they helped a lot of people in one day, but that HIS life was changed the most.

(CBS News)