There’s a 32-year-old guy in Tacoma, Washington named Kevin Booth, who’s homeless.  And he recently found himself in a situation where he could have made the right choice, or the selfish choice.

About three months ago, he was waiting for a food bank to open when he noticed a brown paper bag sitting on the ground.  He looked inside it . . . and saw $17,000 in CASH staring back at him.

Supposedly someone left it there as a donation.  And he could have walked off with it, because no one else knew about it yet.  He says he DID consider it for a second.

But instead, he waited for an employee to show up, and handed it to her when she walked in.

The food bank reported it to the police, who put a 90-day hold on the money to see if anyone claimed it.  We’re hearing about it now, because no one did.  And the food bank is using the money to renovate and expand the space they’re in.

As a reward, they gave Kevin some of the money in the form of gift cards.  And the police also gave him a commendation for it.

He says there are probably a lot of people who would have taken the money.  But, quote, “I’m just not that person.”

(The News Tribune)