This guy has dealt with more than his fair share of tragedy.  But his coworkers are doing everything they can to make things easier on him.

A 36-year-old factory worker in Germany named Andreas Graf lost his wife over a year ago.  Apparently she had a heart condition.  And if that wasn’t enough, their 3-year-old son Julius was fighting leukemia when it happened.

Andreas used all of his vacation time to stay with Julius in the hospital, but it wasn’t enough.  So he either had to go back to work or lose his job.

But then his HR manager talked to his coworkers.  And they came up with a plan to save his job by donating their own OVERTIME pay.

The factory has about 650 employees.  And EVERY SINGLE ONE of them helped out.  They donated a total of 3,265 hours, or about 18 MONTHS worth of time.

The company let Andreas take all of it as PAID time off.  So he got to be with his son while he went through chemo and still got his normal paychecks.

Now his son is doing better.  He just turned five last month and should be well enough to go to pre-school soon.