A Guy Trudged Through 100 Yards of Sewage to Save a Deer

Some city workers in northern Montana were working near a sewage lagoon last Wednesday.  Which is exactly what it sounds like . . . a big pond full of POOP.

And they saw a baby deer that got stuck in waist-deep mud near the shoreline.  And by mud, we mean REALLY gross mud.

Its mom couldn’t get to it, so it would have died.  But one of the workers was a 19-year-old named Joe Bauer, who trudged about 100 yards through SEWAGE to go get it.  Then 100 yards back.

There are some pictures of him holding the deer while he’s covered in black sludge.  You’ll have to imagine the SMELL of it.

In the end, the fawn was reunited with its mom.  And Joe took a very well-deserved shower.

He says no one high-fived him or anything until he got cleaned up.  Quote, “They didn’t want me anywhere near them.”

(Great Falls Tribune)