This guy’s chances of NOT being a bad husband were about 1 in 1.3 million.  But hey, it worked out . . .

A guy near Norfolk, Virginia named Oliver Davis Jr. recently promised his wife he’d stop buying lottery tickets.  Apparently he liked to buy $20 scratch-offs, so he’d been wasting a lot of money.

Then last Friday, he went out to pick up a few things, and says he just had a strong feeling that he was a “winner.”  Which is classic gambler mentality.

He ended up stopping in at the corner store where he used to buy tickets.  He says he just wanted to say hi to the owner.  Sure.

He ended up breaking down and buying a $20 ticket for a game called “Super Cash Frenzy.”  And he scratched it off there, so he didn’t have to tell his wife about it.

But then he DID have to come clean to her . . . after he hit the jackpot for $4 MILLION.

It’s not clear if his wife is okay with him buying MORE tickets after this.  But he says she gave him a pass this time.

(UPI / VALottery)