A Guy Hit the Lottery 12 Days Before His Retirement

I don’t know how much this guy has sitting in his 401k.  But if he’s like most Americans, it’s probably not enough.  So this should help . . .

Richard Nelson lives in Riddle, Oregon, about 70 miles from the California border.  And he’s retiring from his job as a millwright next week.  (A millwright is someone who installs and repairs factory equipment.)  So money was about to get a lot tighter.

But not anymore.  Because last week, he bought a lottery ticket . . . and won a thousand dollars a week for LIFE.

The drawing was on Saturday, and he was already planning to retire next Thursday.  So that’s 12 days before his retirement date.  This might be the first time we’ve seen someone quit their job right BEFORE winning the lottery.

On top of whatever he’s got saved for retirement, he’ll now get an extra $52,000 a year, minus taxes.  He says he’s looking forward to spending the extra cash on his retirement, and on his grandkids.

(Oregon Lottery)