First responders are already loved and appreciated by pretty much everyone.  And they STILL go the extra mile like this . . .

A guy near Tampa had a massive heart attack while laying sod in his front yard last weekend.  And a group of firefighters and paramedics saved his life.

But while they were treating him, he kept asking his wife to figure out the sod situation.

They were facing a fine from their homeowner’s association if they didn’t get their lawn in shape.  And he knew that all that sod he bought would die in a couple days.

So his brother-in-law kept working on it while his wife went to the hospital with him.  Then shortly after they’d left, the firefighters and paramedics went BACK to help finish the job.

The same fire truck and ambulance pulled up.  Then seven guys hopped out . . . got to work . . . and finished the entire lawn for them.