A 27-year-old guy from Louisiana named Hayward Duresseau came down with bacterial meningitis and almost died earlier this year while he was on vacation with his boyfriend, Kerry.

He spent three weeks in the hospital and recovered.  But it made him go DEAF.  So he recently got a cochlear implant that allowed him to hear again.

Now a video of him trying it out in his doctor’s office is going viral . . . because right after they turned it on, Kerry PROPOSED to him.

Hayward was already pretty emotional from getting his hearing back.  So it made him even MORE emotional.  But he held it together pretty well.

He says he was basically in shock.  One second, he could hear clicking sounds . . . then the next second, Kerry was talking about the journey they’d been on and how he wanted them to be together forever.

Kerry eventually got down on one knee with a ring, and Hayward said YES.  They’re looking at February of next year for the wedding.


(Here’s the original video, an interview they did with Buzzfeed.)