The traditional gift for your 23rd wedding anniversary is a silver plate, which is REALLY specific and outdated.  This guy went with a slightly better option . . .

Cesar Calle and his wife Monica live in Weston, Florida, about 30 miles northwest of Miami.  And for their 23rd anniversary last month . . . he gave her one of his KIDNEYS.

She has polycystic kidney disease and had to have dialysis every night for almost three years.  Then Cesar recently found out he could donate, and obviously he said yes.

The surgery happened back on February 19th, the same week they were celebrating their 23rd anniversary.

Now it’s in the news because the hospital where the surgery happened just posted a video about it this week.  (Here’s the video.)

It’s been about a month since the surgery, and they’re both doing great.  Now that they’re basically recovered, they just celebrated their anniversary yesterday.

And here’s some organ-transplant HUMOR for you.  Monica joked that even after 23 years, they’re still a perfect match.

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