My favorite part of this story is these people were only married MINUTES before the woman started bossing the guy around . . .

A couple named Zac and Cindy Edwards got married in Orange Beach, Alabama the other day.  (Just across the border from Pensacola, Florida.)

And while they were taking wedding photos on the beach afterward, a woman ran up and said someone was DROWNING.

It turned out a high-school kid got caught in a rip tide.  And the lifeguards on duty were in the middle of saving someone else.  So they weren’t there to help.

But luckily, Zac happens to be a former lifeguard who’s now in the Coast Guard.  So Cindy immediately told him he HAD to go save the kid.

He started taking off his dress clothes, but she told him he didn’t have time.  So he just dove in with his pants on . . . swam out and grabbed the kid . . . and kept his head above water until someone with a jet ski got them both back to shore.

Zac and Cindy say it made for a pretty unique wedding day.  And now they’re excited to have a great story to tell their grandkids.

(Fox10 / NOLA)