“Forbes” put out a list of ‘America’s Richest SELF-MADE Women,’ which immediately makes you think of OPRAH.  She was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother, and raised by her grandmother.

She was raped at nine . . . got pregnant and lost a child at 14 . . . and since her family needed money, she started working at a radio station part-time while she was in high school.  Now, she’s worth $3.1 billion.

But you might NOT think of KYLIE JENNER, who basically started her career on third base thanks to her appearances on her family’s reality shows, beginning when she was 10.  And yet, Kylie is on the list too . . . because “Forbes” wanted to sell some magazines.

They put Kylie on the cover . . . and since she’s worth $900 MILLION, they boast that she could become the youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire in history, beating Mark Zuckerberg, who did it at 23.  Kylie turns 21 next month.

Not everyone on the rich list is a household name, so here are the highlights:

#6:  Oprah, $3.1 billion

#27:  Kylie Jenner, $900 million

#36:  Madonna, $590 million

#46:  Celine Dion, $430 million

#48:  Judge Judy, $400 million.  And Barbra Streisand, also at $400 million.

#53.  Beyoncé, $355 million

#54.  Kim Kardashian, $350 million

#60.  Taylor Swift, $320 million

(Forbes.com has the complete list.)

To be fair, Kylie did take her platform and capitalize on it . . . she now runs a cosmetics company worth $800 million, and she owns 100% of it.

So maybe she’s a phenom at business, who could’ve also succeeded without her family, while going to high school in the suburbs of Indianapolis.  But she didn’t start from the bottom.

She was rich and famous so young that it’s hard to imagine her producing a ‘self-made’ Hot Pocket from the microwave.