There’s a five-year-old girl in Chicago named Florence Wisniewski.  And when she heard that a catastrophic HURRICANE named “Florence” was hitting the East Coast this month, she wasn’t happy about it.

She usually goes by “Flo,” but kept hearing her full name on the news.  And her full name usually means she’s in TROUBLE.  So her mom had to explain what was going on, and showed her some pictures of the flooding.

One of the photos showed a family staying in a shelter.  And she asked if they could send them some toys and diapers, because they had a baby.

So her dad made her a sign that said, “Help Flo Help Hurricane Florence Victims.”  And she went door-to-door with a red wagon, asking her neighbors to donate supplies.

The story eventually went viral, and people from all over the COUNTRY started sending stuff.  So she ended up with a mountain of supplies.  And she even put off her fifth BIRTHDAY party last Friday to keep working.

Her parents weren’t sure what to do with all the stuff that’s been piling up.  But they found a charity that was already taking truckloads of stuff to the Carolinas.  And they had room for Flo’s stuff too.

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