When your kid wants their first pet, hamsters are a pretty safe choice.  They’re a lot cuter than a fish, and easier than a dog or cat.

But a 43-year-old mom in Wales decided to get a hamster for her kids last Tuesday.  And it turned out to be the hamster from HELL.

After she bought it, it got loose in her car on the way home . . . and she couldn’t find it.  And it’s now spent the last week causing THOUSANDS of dollars of damage to her car’s interior.

Apparently it chewed its way into one of the seats.  So she tried coaxing it out with food all night.  But no dice.  So she had to leave it in there overnight, and it chewed through one of her seatbelts.

She went to a mechanic the next day.  And they weren’t sure what to do either . . . but did find it got into her dash and disabled the passenger’s side airbag.  So then she put eight humane traps in the car to catch it.  But that didn’t work either.

Now it’s been over a week, and she’s getting desperate.  Her latest idea is to put a mop bucket in there with nuts in it, and a little makeshift ladder leading up to the edge.  So hopefully it falls in and can’t get out.

She’s been posting photos on Facebook and asking for advice.  Unless she found it today, she’s now on day eight.

(Sun / Facebook)