A Donut Shop’s Customers Are Buying Out the Inventory Daily . . . So the Owner Can Spend Time with His Sick Wife

Credit: elinedesignservices via Thinkstock

Getting to commit a good deed AND overeat on donuts?  Now that’s the kind of philanthropy I’m always looking for.

There’s a guy named John Chhan who owns a donut shop in Seal Beach, California.  He and his wife Stella have been working together at the shop every morning since they came to the country as refugees from Cambodia almost 40 years ago.

But some of his regular customers recently noticed Stella wasn’t there.  John told them she’d had an aneurysm, so he was working at the store every day and then rushing home to be with her at night.

His regulars wanted to set up a GoFundMe, but he said no.  So they came up with an even better plan to help him:  Buying up all of his inventory every day.

John’s policy has always been to stay open until he sells out.  So now that everyone’s buying up his donuts early in the morning, he can spend as much of the day as possible with Stella.

And, fortunately, he says she’s improving.  Quote, “She can talk, she can write.  Right now she’s trying to start eat[ing].”

(CBS 2 – Los Angeles)



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