A Dog Found an 87-Year-Old Woman Who Fell in the Snow and Couldn’t Get Up

This is Lassie-level stuff right here . . .

A guy named Tim Curfman was taking his trash out last Monday in Alexandria, Minnesota.  (About 125 miles northwest of Minneapolis.)  And his four-year-old black lab named Midnight was with him.

This was just before the polar vortex hit.  But we’re talking about Minnesota.  So it was still one-below-zero outside.

Anyway, Tim noticed Midnight was acting weird.  Her ears were perked up, and she doesn’t usually do that.  So even though it was freezing, he decided to follow her.

And she led him right to his 87-year-old neighbor Noreen, who’d fallen in the snow, and couldn’t get up.

Tim got her inside, and his wife put her in warm clothes.  It turned out she’d been out there for over 30 minutes.  But she must have been bundled up pretty good, because she didn’t end up with frostbite or any serious injuries.

She says they definitely saved her life though.  And Tim told the local news he rewarded Midnight with an excessive number of treats.




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