This NFL fan avoided a season’s worth of hangovers AND just got this nice cherry on top . . .

Kameron Rees is a Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holder.  And he’s extra excited they’re in the Super Bowl next week because he gets to go to the game for FREE.

This season, he signed up for a designated driver program through the NFL called “Responsibility Has Its Rewards.”

Basically, you agree to not drink at games so you can drive your drunk friends home.  And it enters you in a sweepstakes to win Super Bowl tickets.

Thousands of people signed up.  Then one fan from each Super Bowl team got picked.

Kameron recently got a text telling him he’d won.  And he thought it was a scam at first, but it was legit.  (A 49ers fan named Erin Keeley also won, but we haven’t seen an interview with them yet.)

It comes with two tickets to next Sunday’s game in Miami, worth about $1,400.  Plus free airfare and two nights in a hotel.

Kameron’s giving the other ticket to his dad, who took him to his first NFL game 26 years ago.


(Here’s a photo.)