Here’s your next Pixar movie right here, folks . . .

Last year, a four-month-old cow named Bonnie escaped from a farm in upstate New York while its family was being rounded up to be sent to a slaughterhouse.  And for weeks, it hid out in some woods nearby, and no one could catch it.

Then some hunters were watching footage from wildlife cameras they’d set up.  And they discovered that Bonnie had been adopted by a family of DEER.  They were eating, playing, and even sleeping together.  And there’s some pretty cool footage of it.

A woman named Becky Bartles owns the land the woods are on.  And she knew Bonnie wouldn’t survive the winter on her own.  Chances were she’d starve to death.

So Becky spent this past winter hiking back and forth to the woods with a sled to bring her food.  Then she recently got in touch with a charity called Farm Sanctuary that adopts farm animals.

And after eight months in the wild, Bonnie now has a permanent home on a 271-acre farm in upstate New York.

(People / Animals of Farm Sanctuary)