Wedding gifts are one of the best parts of getting married.  However, some of them can also be pointless and wasteful.  Like that $200 crystal candy dish you didn’t really need?  Thanks, Aunt Susan.

But a couple in Florida recently turned the whole gift-giving tradition on its ear . . .

Brad and Jessica Bond got married in Orlando last Saturday.  Then they took their entire wedding party of 100 people to Target . . . gave each of them a $10 gift card . . . and asked them to buy a Toys for Tots gift with it.

A lot of the guests ended up spending more than that.  So they walked out with a LOT of gifts to give away.  And Jessica did the whole thing in her wedding gown.

It wasn’t just a random idea they had.  It’s a tradition for them.

Brad took Jessica to Target on their FIRST DATE seven years ago, and they picked out Toys for Tots gifts together.

Now they do it every year on their anniversary.  So they thought it was fitting to get their friends and family in on the action.

(MyNews13 / WESH / WSAV)