A Couple Sent a Wedding Invite to the Wrong Address . . . and the Person Sent Them a Wedding Gift

Cassandra Warren and Jesse Jones live outside Eugene, Oregon, and they’re getting married this June.  We don’t know how old they are, but they look like they’re in their 20s.

About two weeks ago, they sent out their wedding invites.  And Cassandra THOUGHT she sent one of them to her aunt and uncle.  But it turned out she messed up the address.

Some random person got it instead, and responded by mailing it back to them . . . along with a note . . . and TWENTY BUCKS as an early wedding gift.

The note said, quote, “I wish I knew you.  This is going to be a BLAST.  Congratulations.  Go have dinner on me.  I’ve been married for 40 years, [and] it gets better with age.”

Cassandra says they already sent the person a thank-you note.  And they have a friend who can’t make it to their wedding, because he’s in the military and he’s being deployed.

So they used the 20 bucks to take HIM out to dinner.