Huge props to this Southwest flight crew.  But the passengers played an equally big part:  A couple from California named Dustin and Caren Moore recently adopted a baby girl, and had to fly to Colorado to get her.

On their trip home, a male and female flight attendant both made comments about how beautiful the baby was.  She was only eight days old.  So Caren and Dustin told them about the adoption and explained why they were flying with such a young baby.

One of the flight attendants immediately got on the intercom to announce there was a “special guest” on the flight.  And when they mentioned the adoption, everyone CHEERED.  Then the whole plane gave them a makeshift BABY SHOWER.

The crew passed out napkins to write words of advice on.  Things like, “Always tell her you love her” and “Make time for date night.”  And they read a few of them out loud.

Later on, Dustin and Caren found out that the two flight attendants were married.  And something similar happened to them on their honeymoon flight.  So that’s where they got the idea.

They ended up with about 60 napkins and arranged them all in a photo album, so they can look back on it.

Dustin told the whole story on Twitter and says it was a really amazing moment.  Especially because they’d been trying for a baby for almost a decade.

(ABC News / USA Today)

(Here’s a photo of Dustin and Caren, and a shot of the book.)