There’s a video bouncing around Facebook of a cop in Tallahassee, Florida, helping a homeless guy shave.  And the story around it is pretty cool.

The cop’s name is Tony Carlson.  And he saw the guy struggling to use an electric shaver outside a Circle K gas station on Sunday.

We don’t know the homeless guy’s full name, but his first name is Phil.  And it turns out he was doing it for a job interview.

The manager of a McDonald’s nearby told him that if he shaved and cleaned himself up, they’d give him a job.  And he was REALLY excited about it.

But he was having trouble shaving, because he didn’t have a mirror.  So Tony offered to help, and made sure it looked good.

Someone who saw it posted the video on Facebook.  Then Tony found out it went viral after his wife saw it and called him at work.

Of course, Tony is downplaying the whole thing . . . saying it wasn’t a big deal . . . and that cops do stuff like this all the time.

But a Tallahassee radio host tracked Phil down, and it sounds like he’ll get the job.  He hadn’t heard a hard yes yet, but said it was looking good.

(CNN / Newsweek)