Two cops near Atlanta recently saw a woman walking home in the cold, and went above and beyond to help her out.  It happened in January, but the video was just posted . . .

Sergeant Nick Boney stopped to see if she needed a ride, and she immediately said yes.  She was holding a bunch of balloons because she was out getting supplies for her one-year-old daughter’s first birthday party.

So without hesitating, Nick handed his credit card to another officer . . . and asked him to go buy a CAKE.

They surprised the woman with it, and she invited them to her house to meet her kids and have cake with them.

The whole thing was captured on Nick’s body-cam.  But he never even tried to get any credit for it.

The police department was doing random audits of body-cam footage when his supervisor saw it and posted it online.

(CBS News)

(Here’s a photo of Nick.  You can watch the full video on Twitter.)