A fire department in North Carolina posted a list of survival hacks ahead of Hurricane Florence.  Here are six that could come in handy during a natural disaster or a power outage . . .

1.  Fill Ziplock bags with water, and freeze them.  Then if the power goes out, move them to the fridge to keep your food cold.  Two-liter bottles and milk jugs work well too.

2.  Fill your washing machine with ice to use as a cooler, so you don’t have to worry about draining it afterward.  Obviously a REAL cooler works too.

3.  Fill your bathtub with water, just in case you need it.  You can use it to wash your hands or flush the toilet.  Or you can boil it and make drinking water if you need to.

4.  Those solar-powered lights lining your walkway outside can come INSIDE and light your house.  Just put them back outside during the day to recharge.

5.  If there might be flooding, take a bunch of garbage bags, fill them a third of the way with water, and hang them so they line the bottom of your outside doors.  They basically act like sandbags to keep water from flooding in.

(Here’s a photo of how it’s done.)

6.  In a pinch, a crayon can be a candle.  The paper wrapping burns, and the wax keeps it from burning too fast.  One crayon can supposedly burn for up to 30 minutes.  (Here’s a video.  You can check out 40 more survival hacks here.)