Having a GIANT TONGUE doesn’t make you ugly, right?  Like, if having a giant tongue makes you ugly, well then I guess that means Gene Simmons is ugly.  Um . . . okay, maybe that’s a bad example of the point I was making.

The annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest went down on Saturday in Petaluma, California.  And this year’s winner is a nine-year-old English bulldog named Zsa Zsa.

Her most prominent feature is a massive tongue that hangs out of her mouth and is so long and floppy it looks like it’s almost scraping the ground.  But from where I’m sitting, it’s more charming than ugly.  I guess I’d be a bad judge at this contest.

She beat out 14 other dogs, including the usual mix of jacked up Chihuahuas, dogs with underbites and random explosions of hair, and wrinkled and sagging older dogs.

Zsa Zsa’s owners drove 30 hours from Minnesota to enter her in the contest.  They won a trophy and $1,500 . . . which probably doesn’t even cover the cost of the trip.  Hope those bragging rights are worth it.

(New York Times)

(You can see Zsa Zsa and her competition here.)