There’s a freshman running back at a high school in Phoenix named Adonis Watt, who was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of four.  Then he lost his vision a few years later.  So he’s totally BLIND.  But he doesn’t let it hold him back.

Earlier this month, papers in Arizona covered him after he scored his first TOUCHDOWN.  But Adonis wasn’t all that thrilled, because it was a GIMMIE.

The other team didn’t try to tackle him.  They just let him run the ball in, which he didn’t love.  He wanted to score for REAL, or not score at all.

So for their next game this past weekend, his coach made sure the other team’s defense WOULDN’T do that.  They tried to tackle him, just like any other running back . . . and he scored two LEGIT touchdowns from just outside the goal line.

He punched one in from a yard out, and ran in another one from three yards out.

Now, obviously he’s realistic about the whole football thing, and isn’t looking to make the NFL or anything.  But those two touchdowns were pretty cool.

And he’s also got plenty of other interests too.  He’s on his high school wrestling team, plays piano, and does charity work to help out other people in the blind community.

(AZ Central)

(Here’s a profile on him from earlier this month.)