A Blind Guy Fell on Train Tracks, and Random People Saved Him Just in Time

Here’s a pretty crazy video.  And thankfully, it has a happy ending . . . A blind guy fell onto a set of train tracks at a Bethesda, Maryland subway station near D.C. last week.  And a bunch of random people SAVED him.

He was using his cane, and didn’t realize he was standing at the edge of the platform.  Then he stepped off the edge and fell HARD.  It took a few seconds for other people in the station to realize what happened.  Then five of them ran in to help.

He managed to get back on his feet.  Then three guys grabbed his arm and yanked him back onto the platform just in time.

Right then, you can see a train pulling in at the other end of the station.  And they only had about 20 seconds to spare.

He has a few injuries from the fall, but should be okay.

(NBC Washington / NY Daily News)



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