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A 95-Year-Old Guy Has Been Helping Out at 7-Eleven Free of Charge for 30 Years

Can you imagine loving any job enough to do it for free?  Here’s a guy who found his passion . . .

95-year-old Orin Gilbert Jr. lives in Fishersville, Virginia.  (About 100 miles northwest of Richmond.)  And he’s been helping out at his local 7-Eleven free of charge . . . for 30 YEARS.

No one asked him to.  He was just there one day and noticed the employees were overwhelmed.  So he pitched in however he could.  And now he shows up six days a week at 5:00 A.M. to help out.  He only skips Sundays for church.

He’s not allowed to make coffee.  So he just keeps an eye on it and lets them know if they’re running low.  He also does little things, like going through the drinks section to make sure the labels on all the bottles are facing out.

The store eventually gave him his own 7-Eleven hat and jacket to wear.  But he doesn’t want any money.  So they pay him in bananas and free coffee.

Before he retired, he worked for the Post Office and says he never got out of the habit of waking up early.  He’s also lived alone ever since his wife passed away a few years ago.  So it gives him a chance to be around other people.

The employees are basically like family to him now.  If he doesn’t show up, the owner goes to his house to make sure he’s okay.  And a regular customer even called him a, quote, “well-respected community leader.”

(USA Today)

(Here’s a photo.)

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