Speed dating turns 20 this year.  The first event happened at a coffee shop in Beverly Hills back in 1998.  And now it’s got two new fans who prove it’s never too late to fall in love . . .

Renee Weiss and Miles Miller met at a speed dating event in Atlanta back in October.  And it only took them four minutes to hit it off.

After that, Miles called and asked her out to dinner.  Then they went out a few more times, and now they’re an item.  They’re about five months in and going strong.

The reason we’re talking about it is because they’re not your typical speed daters.  Renee is EIGHTY YEARS OLD, and Miles is NINETY-TWO.

The speed dating event was at a retirement home.  And everyone was between 75 and 96.  They just did a big interview about it with“The Atlanta Journal-Constitution”.

After they met, they started going out to dinner a lot, and realized they like the same things.  Miles uses OpenTable.com for their reservations.  Pretty hip for a 92-year-old.

They also talk on the phone at least twice a day . . . hit a movie every now and then . . . and just got back from a seven-day CRUISE through the Caribbean.