Age is just a number people.  It’s all about attitude.  An 88-year-old guy near London named John Nixon recently saw a woman being ROBBED on the street by five guys who wanted her purse.  Apparently they were young.  Teens or early 20s.

So he yelled at them to leave her alone, which got their attention.  And they said they’d take HIS money instead.

But what they didn’t know was that John fought in Korea . . . trained as a COMMANDO . . . and did intelligence gathering in Germany, Egypt, and the Middle East.  He says his training kicked in, and he decided to take on all FIVE of them.

When they tried to take his money, he KARATE CHOPPED one in the neck, which knocked the guy down and left him in a, quote, “semi-conscious” state.

Apparently that scared the other four, and they took off.  One of them pulled out a POCKET KNIFE though, and slashed John’s hand before he ran away.

He also suffered a small cut to his forehead.  But the woman kept her purse, and the cops applauded John for his, quote, “extraordinary bravery.”

He says young guys like that always ACT brave, but probably didn’t expect someone his age to fight back.  Adding that, quote, “fear is not in [his] dictionary.”