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82% of People Now Have Privacy Set Up on Social Media to Hide Stuff from Work

Credit: CASEZY via Thinkstock

It seems like we’ve FINALLY all figured out that the dumb stuff we randomly post on social media could hold back . . . or literally destroy . . . our careers.

According to a new survey, 82% of people now have at least some privacy settings on their social media accounts to hide stuff from the people at their current job . . . or from places that might check them out during a job search.

The top things people hide are:  Pictures, comments, and status updates about their personal life . . . pictures, comments, and status updates showing them doing unprofessional things . . . and their political views.

The survey also found 50% of people don’t think companies should be allowed to look at people’s social media during the hiring process.

And one-third of us won’t connect with our coworkers on social media.

(Yahoo Finance / JDP)

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