Once you’ve got kids, there are two main places where you can really be alone on a regular basis . . . the bathroom, and your car.  And according to a new poll, we really do think of our car as our personal little bubble . . .

The poll found 79% of people who drive to work think of it as “me-time.”  And 40% even said they LOVE being in their car.

You get to be alone.  You can ignore phone calls if you want, because you’re driving.  And you get to listen to whatever you want to . . . a.k.a., US.  So, thanks for that.

Obviously your commute isn’t always total bliss though.  38% of people admit they’re likely to SWEAR when they have road rage.

The study only broke down results for five cities:  Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, and D.C.

Out of those cities, people in L.A. were the LEAST likely to enjoy their drive.  26% said it regularly stresses them out.  And they also want self-driving cars more than anyone else.

People in Atlanta were the most likely to enjoy their commute.  People in Chicago daydream behind the wheel more than anyone else.  Drivers in D.C. swear the most.  And people in Houston REALLY take advantage of their “me-time.”  They were the most likely to admit they PICK THEIR NOSE during their commute.