81% of couples in a new survey said they’re planning to do something for Valentine’s Day this year.  But a quarter of them aren’t all that excited about it.

26% said they’re BORED with Valentine’s Day.  And they mostly have their own lack of creativity to blame for it.  53% admitted they usually just do the same thing every year.

Here are three more stats from the survey . . .

1.  80% of people said that an EXPERIENCE is the best Valentine’s Day gift.  If you need ideas, the top things people want to do are go to a concert . . . do an escape room . . . tour a cultural attraction . . . and take a cooking class.

2.  68% of couples said they’re hoping to have SEX on Valentine’s Day.  Apparently the rest just can’t be bothered.

3.  About 20% of people in the survey said they DREAD Valentine’s Day each year.  And that’s people IN relationships.  If you asked single people, it would be much closer to 100%.

(NY Post)